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I’m Molika Sinha. Hold onto your seats as you are about to enter and witness my enthralling-yet-beautiful world!

Fun. Love. And Passion. - keys to my heart and mind! The keys that can change anyone’s mood, day and even life in some cases! So, keeping these in mind, let’s start our journey :)

People call me Molicks , Molls, Mooools, Mo or Rimjhim(my nick name). You are free to choose any of these and NOT give me any other nick-name you want to. I am a small-town girl from Jamshedpur, India, with big dreams! An innocent mind but a smart thinker! A researcher during the day and a party-pooper during night! I would do bungee-jumping but still be scared to look down from a tenth floor building. I would leave worldly pleasures for the ones I love but still fight with them over a chocolate! I believe life should be a roller coaster ride just not with the ups and downs but with 360s! A true believer of Les Brown’s saying,’’Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.’’ They say people fear to understand the complexity of a woman’s mind, I say let’s enjoy this complexity one page at a time!

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Me, Him & Us! A Happy Panda family! Thank you @kothari.aditi @ankith117 @vikas.varma for making this happen! #justanothergirlfromIndia #shefoundherfamily

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