Service of a junior under officer - National Cadet Corp

National Cadet Corps is the Military Cadet Corps in India, open to school and college students. My term was for three years - a year as a cadet, a year as Sergeant and the final year as Junior Under Officer - under the 2(A) Girls Battalion NCC, Andhra Pradesh, India. Unity and Discipline - living upto the motto of the Cadet Corps, I learnt about teamwork and leadership. This service put me in situations where I practiced vigorously beyond my limits, and faced a new challenge everyday. This experience surely helped me later in my life when I served as vice president at various organizations to micro-work or work day in-and-out to meet unexpected deadlines. From focusing on development of the whole platoon to taking responsibility of any single cadet’s mistake, made me realize the synergy that needs to be maintained within for the success of a team. The urge to join Corps came as a result of my inquisitiveness to put myself under extreme conditions, and improve my abilities to survive them. Fortunately, I was successful in doing so and won the Best Cadet Award consecutively for two years in a row. During this tenure, I learnt about firing, using maps in a deserted land, emergency evacuation, emergency life saving methods, demographics of different countries. India is a country with twenty-two official languages. This beauty of India gave me the opportunity to learn overcome the language barrier to form a great team and work together to achieve success. The skills learnt during this period has guided me to solve every problem in a better and efficient way.